We raise both Bronze Big-Breasted and White Big-Breasted turkeys. The females dress out at 21 - 25 lbs and the toms dress out between 25 - 30 lbs.

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A few 2017 Holiday Turkeys available!!

If you want to be sure to have a 2017 holiday turkey contact us to get one reserved.

Turkeys a
vg. size is 22 - 35 lbs. with ocassionally bigger birds available for ground turkey.
We have Jumbo Cornish Cross chickens for 2017 AVAILABLE.

These meaty chickens sell out early and we base how many we raise on January 2017 orders. Email soon if you want to order chickens.

Most chickens finished weigh 4-1/5 to 6 lbs each.

Pastured Poultry

Every spring we raise pastured Cornish Cross chickens and Bronze Breasted turkeys in 'tractor's on our pastures.

And every year we sell out fast! If you are interested in pre-ordering pastured chicken and/or holiday turkeys, please send us and e-mail and we'll get you on a 'no obligation' notification list.

In January or February when we are planning our spring poultry season we will send you an e-mail giving you the opportunity to sign-up for the number of chickens or turkeys you'll need for the year. We'll order the chicks, raise them, get them processed by the custom meat house and have them ready for pick-up in early summer.

Our chickens and turkeys live in 'tractors' after feathering out from chicks and poults. We pull them onto clean new grass up to twice a day so they can browse the grass and insects, dig in the soil, and live as close to naturally as possible. 

The purpose of the tractor is protection.  There are coyotes, eagles, hawks, and other predators in the forests around our farm that would destroy the flock long before they can be raised to an adequate meat weight.

As they are pulled around our pasture onto fresh grass, they fertilize our pastures and clear out pests that could harm the livestock.

Pastured poultry exceeds anything you can buy in a grocery store.

Poultry raised in smaller groups with constant access to fresh, green pasture, air and sunshine suffer significantly less stress than those raised in over-crowded or caged conditions in buildings.

Our poultry is never subjected to pesticides, drugs, or chemicals. They get exercise and are able to eat fresh greens as desired, substantially increasing the nutritional value of their meat. Particularly in Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Vitamin A. There is also a significant reduction in the total fat content of their meat as compared to production poultry.

They have excellent flavor, free of the fatty deposits and slimy consistency often found in store bought poultry.  Anyone who says that meat without much flavor 'tastes like chicken' has forgotten what real chicken tastes like.

The only time you'll be disappointed with pastured poultry is when you don't get enough to fill your freezer.

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